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“Module 1 class was excellent even for my dog who already knew basic commands. It has helped immensely for behaviour issues and I learned so much about me, my dog and our relationship.” - Kelly W, Stony Plain

“What I found most beneficial was understanding my dog’s body language. A great learning environment for you and your dog.” - Brent H, Sherwood Park

Dog Training Classes

At The Urban Dog, we will teach you:

  • a no-treat training method – we will teach you how to communicate with your dog in their language - energy and body language, to bring harmony and balance into their life.

In Module 1 we will teach you:

  • How to become the one your dog looks to for guidance and instruction.
  • The proper way to walk your dog.
  • The standard obedience commands of sit, down, stay, come.
  • How to address and rehabilitate any behavioral issues your dog may have.

In Module 2 we will teach you:

  • how to maintain balance and harmony.
  • how to use non-verbal hand signals for all of the standard obedience commands.
  • how to take the standard obedience commands of “out-of-sight” sit-stay, down-stay to a new level.
  • how to fine-tune all of your skills learned in Module 1.

“This session has provided a better understanding of how my dog thinks and reacts in all situations. I am amazed by the progress realized in such a short time.” - Cameron H, Edmonton

“Our dogs did a 180 from the beginning of classes to the completion.” - Thomas I, St Albert

"The class was an excellent re-enforcement of the principles we learned from Cesar Millan and you helped us LEARN how to put Pack Leader techniques into practice for everyday life. Our dog has become calm-submissive and an excellent, fulfilled boy! I think most beneficial was at the first 2 classes the 'human training' and information (it set us up for success). The quality of the session is awesome." - Martina W, Edmonton

Please contact us for more information, and registration.

Behaviour Modification

"Our dog Kojak was rescued as a puppy and was then badly attacked by another dog at 10 months of age. He developed severe fear aggression!! We cannot say enough about “The Urban Dog”. They are absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much Pam, Melissa and the other staff. Your techniques and exceptional care have been life-changing for Kojak and for our family." - Ann & Mike, St Albert

“I’m extremely grateful for the patience and extensive knowledge in the training of my dog’s aggression with other canines. Rogue has improved immensely and continues to do so!” - Susan M, Edmonton

Do you want your dog to stop jumping on people?
Do you want your dog to stop barking at everything that moves?
Do you want to have a stress-free walk with your dog?
Does your dog’s behaviour need modifying?

 At The Urban Dog we will teach:

  • How to bring about balance and harmony in your dog so they can once again play and integrate with other dogs.
  • How to communicate with your dog in their language - energy and body language.
  • That safety must always come first with your dog

Many behavioural issues come from your dog having been put in a position of being the one in charge, which, most dogs do not want this position. When you and your family learn how to communicate with your dog and take over this position of guidance, you will watch your dog's behavioural issues quickly disappear.