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You needn’t go any further than The Urban Dog. We are a one-stop shop facility including dog daycare services, dog training, rehabilitation, boarding and grooming.

Drop your dog off for a full day of fun, frolic and a little schooling tossed in for good measure. We at The Urban Dog have carried our dog training methods forward into the daycare environment making sure, even while at play, we set proper rules, boundaries and limitations so your dog will learn how to play appropriately, socialize properly and learn how to walk properly while on a leash. Wouldn’t you like your dog to come home behaving better than he/she was when you dropped him/her off in the morning?

We match dogs for play according to size, temperament, and play style so you never have to worry about your dog’s safety. In addition to all the fun they will be having inside our 3500 square foot facility (we also have an outdoor play area as well), those who arrive with excess energy will have a treadmill walk upon arrival. Some dogs may naturally nap/rest throughout the day. Please watch all the fun on our facebook page.

Also, if your dog is on a certain feeding schedule that requires us to feed your dog during their daycare stay, we will accommodate your needs to keep fido on their regular schedule for you. Just bring their food and feeding instructions and we will keep them on their regular program. Fresh water is always available.

Benefits of The Urban Dog Dog Daycare:

  • Dogs will learn proper socialization skills in a safe setting.
  • Dogs will learn how to play appropriately.
  • Dogs with excess energy will be exercised with a proper treadmill walk upon arrival (at their own proper natural pace) before playing in the off leash supervised daycare area.
  • We will maintain rules, boundaries and limitations throughout the day so your dog does not come home with any bad habits they didn’t arrive with (and may come home without the ones they did arrive with!).
  • We maintain a structured setting of exercise, play and rest, exercise, play and rest, so your dog doesn’t over play or over exert themselves.
  • Everyone at The Urban Dog is Pet First Aid Certified.
  • We are very strict on cleanliness and hygiene and we also support the environment by using only eco-friendly, pet-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products.

Daycare Rates

Single Day Visit: for those who come and visit periodically: $30.00/day
Package Rates: for those who come and play on a regular basis, we have prepaid packages available at a reduced rate:

5 Visit Punch Card: $130.00
10 Visit Punch Card: $250.00
20 Visit Punch Card: $480.00

*Additional dogs from the same family will receive a discount off daycare rates.
5 Visit Punch Card: $110.00
10 Visit Punch Card: $220.00
20 Visit Punch Card: $400.00

For more information or to schedule your dog in for a fun filled day please call us.

Requirements: We will require a current copy of your dog’s vaccination records, including Bordetella (kennel cough) before your dog will be allowed into our facility. Titer tests will also be accepted. All dogs must be spayed/neutered by 8 months old. All dogs require a quick release collar and must arrive before 11am.

Hours of Operation

The day care is open Monday to Friday 7am - 6pm
Drop off and Pick up times for daycare:
Once your dog has had it’s initial visit, you may drop your dog off any day - no need for an appt. All dogs require a quick release collar and must arrive before 11am.
For those interested in our Shuttle Service, please see our Shuttle Service page.
**Please note:
All prices are subject to gst
All packages are paid for in advance & expire 2 months after date of purchase
Packages are non-refundable, non-transferrable
Prices are subject to change without notice