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Welcome to The Urban Dog, read what some of our clients have to say about us.

"Looking for a daycare or wanting some lessons for yourself and your dog, look no further! . I've taken my dogs over the years to several local obedience classes and Pam and her crew are the most patient, knowledgeable people I've met at an affordable cost. Our Stella has a great time with her pals at daycare (check out the videos on the Facebook page), comes home happy and exhausted and I'm looking very much forward to to our next level of obedience this spring!" - Louise McKay
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"Foxy loves coming to her home away from home at The Urban Dog! I often travel to BC to see my family and The Urban Dog is the one place I trust and feel confident bringing my dog. My Foxy is a rescue who was abused and is very timid and shy. When I first got her, I could barely walk her on a leash. She was terrified of everything and everyone. I feel good about boarding my dog at Urban Dog because she always comes back more confident and happy. I am happy to leave my dog with Urban Dog because I know she’s safe and well taken care of. She gets her own play vacation while I have my vacation. The staff at Urban Dog are very knowledgeable, caring, loving and attentive." - Holly & Foxy G
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"Kojak was scared of everything when we adopted him at 3.5 months – he had been rescued after being mistreated as a puppy. After 6 months and a lot time, training and love he had gained much more confidence. But one day while we were out for a walk, he was badly attacked by another dog and he regressed over the next year to the point, where he didn’t trust dogs or people that he didn’t know and he went into protection mode with our family – it was really bad!! We worked extensively at home on behavior modification and he took to agility training in out back yard – but after 10 months, since he still was aggressive toward other dogs and strangers, we felt it was time to try to re-introduce Kojak to a pack. We heard about “The Urban Dog” and we cannot say enough about Pam's facility. They are absolutely amazing!! They videoed Kojak’s progression and after about 7 visits, he suddenly started to play with the other dogs. He goes to daycare twice a week and he is so excited to see his friends when we pull up. We also attend one of the classes offered by “The Urban Dog”. Kojak is friendly, trusting and has gained so much confidence. He is truly a different dog!! Thank you so much Pam, Melissa and the other staff. Your techniques and exceptional care have been life-changing for Kojak and for our family." - Ann & Mike P, St Albert
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